Your business number one key to premium sales through top value and customized promotion.

Lightbox is a modern and the most lucrative and affordable way of promoting your business product with a LED screen.

It is ranked as one of the fastest ways for product to stick with your customers, visual appease which leads to a sense of identity with your brand.

Vik-LightBox which is the first major supplier of business lightbox in Nigeria is based in Awka Anambra State, Nigeria. 

A light box is generally used by restaurants, bars, wineries and several other businesses to promote their brand image or product.


In recent times businesses had relied on traditional constructed piece of advertisement or aesthetic frame that was both rigid in design, big in size and generally lacks durability. 

The solution to this had come in place through lightboxes that offers the freedom to change desired designs at any moment, very thin and sleek thereby occupying less space. 

It is also very durable, with tampered glass meant to withstand some level of damage, and in a form that requires no changing of lights or anything forever. 

It can also come in different sizes, with the ability to be used for different purposes peculiar to every business and brands.

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