Solution Innovation District (SID): Anambra Hub of Innovation and Creativity

Welcome to Anambra’s No. 1 hub of innovation and creativity – the Solution Innovation District (SID).

Located in the heart of Anambra state, Solution Innovation District (SID) has become a catalyst for economic growth and social progress.

Solution Innovation District (SID) Is a community of innovators, inventors, technologists, entrepreneurs, tech companies, government, investors, and smart artisans who provide solutions to local and global problems.

They train, incubate, mentor, and support the digital tribe, startups and entrepreneurs to provide services and innovative solutions out of Anambra State.

“The Solution Innovation District (SID) will work to create a functional ecosystem for our young people who are ready to tap into the possibilities of the 4th Industrial Revolution.” 

Said State Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo at the launch ceremony in Awka, capital of Anambra.

With state-of-the-art infrastructure, entrepreneurial support systems, and a vibrant startup ecosystem, the District is nurturing the next generation of startups who are making a real impact on the world.

Let`s take a look at the incredible initiatives from this thriving hub of innovation and creativity.

Anambra's Thriving Ecosystem for Innovation


The Solution Innovation District in Anambra has created an environment where innovation and creativity flourish.

This ecosystem is a result of the collaboration between various partners including government bodies, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, and investors.

The district provides a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to develop and scale their ideas, with access to state-of-the-art facilities, mentorship programs, and funding opportunities.

One of the key factors contributing to the success of Anambra’s innovation ecosystem is the strong emphasis on education and skills development.

This programs and courses, such as the Code Anambra Program equips individuals with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in the innovation-driven economy.

Programs And Initiatives By Solution Innovation District

Entrepreneurs and startups within the Solution Innovation District have access to a wide range of support and resources that facilitate their growth and success, which include;

1. Business Incubators and accelerators:

Which provide mentorship programs, business development support, and access to industry networks. 

2. Digital Skills Training and Services

SID trains the youths and entrepreneurs on digital and entrepreneurial skills for professional growth and self sustenance.

3. Co-working spaces

They provide a comfortable working environment with electricity, high speed internet, co-working office spaces, conference room, training facility and training labs for our digital tribe and entrepreneurs.

4. Startup Investment

The district has established strong partnerships with financial institutions and investors, ensuring that startups have access to the necessary funding and investment opportunities.

This financial support allows startups to scale their operations, hire top talent, and accelerate their growth.

How To Get Involved:


As an entrepreneur or aspiring innovator looking to get involved in the Solution Innovation District, there are several ways you can contribute to its development.

1. Apply To Join SID Team

The Solution Innovation District are seeking for great talents in business, innovation and technology to join their team. You can apply through this link.

2. Innovation Hubs, Tech Groups & ICT Centers

Join an existing hub, tech group or launch your own venture within the district.

By leveraging the resources and support available, you can partner with SID in identifying ways to collaborate and promote innovation within the state. Apply here.

3. Become A Volunteer

If you are an investor or a mentor, you can support the growth of the district by volunteering in providing funding, guidance, and expertise to startups and entrepreneurs.

It comes with diverse benefits and perks too. You can volunteer here.

Additional ways to contribute is by participating in events and initiatives organized within the district. These events provide opportunities for networking, learning, and future collaborations. 

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